Dog illustration 455mm

This is a custom-made product.
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≪How to order≫
1. You can choose the design from our Instagram
2. please send us your Instagram account with the photo that you have chosen for us to create and the design that you chose from step one to our Instagram DM.
3. Let us know if you want to add your name, birthday, and anything else to the product.

We will send it to your Instagram DM once it finishes and we will ask you to check it.
If there is no problem with the content, we will produce it.

≪Product Description≫

With our original art panel, you can enjoy the product more.
The colors come out better because we use a printer for business purposes instead of a home printer.
The surface is covered with acrylic to give a glossy look.
The frame is in black, so it stands out and looks beautiful.
The panels are made of wood.
The structure is simple since the picture and the frame are combined in to one piece (It cannot be removed.)

H455mm×W455mm×D20mm (Recommended for the living room)

Please refrain from using the product in a humid environment.
Everything is handmade, so there may be a slight difference.
Payment from outside of Japan【Paypal】 is only accepted.
Please choose Paypal payment when you purchase.

¥ 13,800

*Tax included.

*Additional shipping charges may apply, See detail..

About shipping fees

The shipping fee for this item varies by the shipping method.
Customers can choose the shipping method at time of purchase.
  • ゆうパック455mm


    Regional setting
    • Hokkaido

      • Hokkaido 2,000JPY
    • Tohoku

      • Aomori 1,560JPY
      • Iwate 1,560JPY
      • Miyagi 1,560JPY
      • Akita 1,560JPY
      • Yamagata 1,560JPY
      • Fukushima 1,560JPY
    • Kanto

      • Ibaraki 1,440JPY
      • Tochigi 1,440JPY
      • Gumma 1,440JPY
      • Saitama 1,440JPY
      • Chiba 1,440JPY
      • Tokyo 1,440JPY
      • Kanagawa 1,440JPY
      • Yamanashi 1,440JPY
    • Shinetsu

      • Niigata 1,440JPY
      • Nagano 1,440JPY
    • Hokuriku

      • Toyama 1,330JPY
      • Ishikawa 1,330JPY
      • Fukui 1,330JPY
    • Tokai

      • Gifu 1,330JPY
      • Shizuoka 1,330JPY
      • Aichi 1,330JPY
      • Mie 1,330JPY
    • Kinki

      • Shiga 1,330JPY
      • Kyoto 1,330JPY
      • Osaka 1,330JPY
      • Hyogo 1,330JPY
      • Nara 1,330JPY
      • Wakayama 1,330JPY
    • Chugoku

      • Tottori 1,330JPY
      • Shimane 1,330JPY
      • Okayama 1,330JPY
      • Hiroshima 1,330JPY
      • Yamaguchi 1,330JPY
    • Shikoku

      • Tokushima 1,330JPY
      • Kagawa 1,330JPY
      • Ehime 1,330JPY
      • Kochi 1,330JPY
    • Kyushu

      • Fukuoka 1,440JPY
      • Saga 1,440JPY
      • Nagasaki 1,440JPY
      • Kumamoto 1,440JPY
      • Oita 1,440JPY
      • Miyazaki 1,440JPY
      • Kagoshima 1,440JPY
    • Okinawa

      • Okinawa 1,900JPY
  • EMS

    This shipping supports package tracking and compensation for damages.

    Shipping Fees are the same in all countries outside Japan ¥ 2,100

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