Data in high resolution

This is a product that provides high-resolution data only for customers of the illustrations we have published in the past.

≪Product Description≫
3000px×3000px 300dpi File format JPEG
The size is not rough even when printed about 250mm×250mm

≪How do we send it to you?≫
We will send you the download URL (Giga file version) to your email address or Instagram DM.

Please use the images only as a hobby.
If you use it for commercial purposes such as advertising, please consult with us.

¥ 3,000

*Tax included.

*Additional shipping charges may apply, See detail..

About shipping fees

The shipping fee for this item varies by the shipping method.
Customers can choose the shipping method at time of purchase.
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    Shipping Fees are the same all over country inside Japan 0JPY
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    We will send you the URL of the download

    Shipping Fees are the same in all countries outside Japan ¥ 0

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